Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer baking 3: Napoleon

I first enjoyed napoleons at a local café in State College, Pennsylvania.  When I bought a book on French pastry arts, my mouth watered at the recipe for the napoleon.  Could I make it?  I've never made puff pastry before and that seemed like a lot of time and effort, then there was the assembly which appeared overly fussy.  But since this is a baking challenge, I decided to try... and how sweet the result!  Making puff pastry was actually easier than I imagined.  I have the amazing (and upbeat) DulceDelight to thank for that!

Adding the butter block to the dough

Six turns later... here it is!
The puff pastry is divided into three parts and spread with a vanilla pastry cream.  Finally the top piece is decorated with liquid fondant.  I made the "quick" powdered sugar version, lined with melted chocolate and scraped with a toothpick to make a fun design.  Not sure that I'll have an occasion to make this again, but I'm glad to check it off my list!

Finished napoleon with pastry cream filling and liquid fondant glaze

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