Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer lace

I've been silent on the stitchery side of things.  My baking challenges and weekly festivals are taking up my down time, and since this summer is nearly all lacework, there's nothing new to report, because this takes an insane amount of time to do.  I even have two afghans to finish, but they're snoozing in a corner of my living room.  I know, I know... lace?  But I love it; it's so small and delicate.  I think it's because lace requires all of my concentration for finger maneuvering that I can't really think of anything else... just be in the moment... me and my lace... maybe even some good cold beer.

The days are nicer now and I'm really enjoying sitting on my balcony watching new flower buds come up each day and having the chickadees and hummingbirds fly around me.  I'm working on Estonian lace (knit) and Irish lace (crochet and needle lace) at the moment, so I'll post pics of those finished things soon.  Here are three more modern doilies that I've finished and are hanging above my dining table.

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