Sunday, November 3, 2013

Christmas knits for the fam, Part I

I decided to knit my family their Christmas gifts this year.  Here's the first batch:

1. For my sister Emily: cabled hat in a super soft alpaca-merino blend (design: Solveig by drops, yarn: highland duo aran white)

2. For my sister Julie: extra long mittens styled after Bella in Twilight (design: Bella's Mittens by subliminalrabbit, yarn: Cascade 220 worsted indigo heather and misty lilac heather held together)

3.  For my sister Julie: 1920s-style cloche hat (design: escargot by goldeniris, yarn: Cascade 220 worsted misty lilac heather and mauve heather)

4.  For my brother Michael: a slouchy hat (design: hofós by westknits, yarn: knitpicks palette fingering midnight heather, marble heather, finnley heather held double)

There's more to come... especially a major Estonia lace shawl for my mom... wish me luck!

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