Sunday, October 13, 2013


I decided to head a bit north to see more of the fall colors on the trees since Eau Claire hasn't yet reached its peak.  My destination was Chittamo: once an Ojibwa settlement until they were forced onto a reservation near Hayward in the late nineteenth century.

A number of white pioneers and Ojibwa natives were buried in a small burial ground, now marked with a commemorative stone:

Right across the street from the burial ground is the former (and now abandoned?) school built in 1920. It has an interesting form to it: all the chimneys and the southwestern styled grotto atop the roof:

The beautiful Derosier Lake is nearby:

Although no one was there on this beautiful weekend day, it looks like a great place for outdoor fun.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


I haven't been on a Wisconsin daytrip in a long time, so on this dreary October day, I decided to head north of Chippewa Falls for a small adventure. I wanted to check out the abandoned "Twelve Mile House" --- a once famous, nineteenth century stop for weary lumbermen along the old stage route "Chippewa Trail," now Route 124. The house stands right on the corner of 182nd Avenue and 124; it's now in a severe state of disrepair:

Just south of the Twelve Mile House is a small rural Lutheran church just east of the unincorporated hamlet of Eagleton:

Across the road is the small Eagleton cemetery, where I stumbled across some remnants of its German past: