Monday, June 29, 2015

Sun Valley Fibers high twist

At Minnesota's Yarn Over event I had a great time catching up with the wonderful Jeanette of Sun Valley Fibers. She brought a new base with her: high twist merino/nylon fingering and super high twist merino/nylon fingering. I bought a skein of each: Pumpkin Patch and Gone Fishin'. Pumpkin Patch is a lovely mix of deep orange-yellow with variegations of lighter yellow, cream, and green. It resonated well with my summer obsession of gardening! Gone Fishin' is a medium blue, deep bottle green, and green-yellow.

I knew that I wanted to knit up some socks with the super high twist Gone Fishin'… but the Pumpkin Patch was more difficult. It's variegated --- and although I'm not overly fussy about color pooling, I still wanted the final product to mirror the beauty of the color way in the skein. I searched Ravelry and found the Multnomah shoulderette by Kate Ray. It was perfect --- plenty of garter stitch through the main body to accentuate the variegation and just a bit of simple lace work at the bottom to keep my interest in knitting and add to the complexity of the finished piece. Like I've said, I love variegated yarn, but I always keep a guideline of an equal distribution of lacey holes and garter stitch / bias / etc to avoid losing both the pattern and the yarn in the finished object.

I love it! It's a really quick knit and handles variegated yarn so well. I definitely recommend the pattern and the yarn.

For the SUPER high twist yarn, I was looking for a sock with some needed stitch definition. Cables would be nice for super high twist, so that they really pop when they're blocked. With variegated yarn, I like thick and heavy cables to break up any pooling that might be happening in the rest of the stockinette and to add some texture to the piece to draw attention away from any weirdness happening with the color scheme… but heavy cables on socks? No, thanks. I've had the skyp rib sock pattern by Adrienne Ku in my queue for a while and the pattern forms kind of a mock-cable along the leg and insole of the sock. Success again! The variegation actually formed a striping effect given my stitch count and tension --- so it might not look like that every time. The super high twist added to the stitch definition which really made the patterning compete well with the coloring AND they plumped up nicely with blocking. I'm really pleased with my new socks!

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