Sunday, January 29, 2017

Barrett Wool Co.

I was quite ecstatic when I heard a while back that the talented Susan B. Anderson was starting her own yarn company, Barrett Wool Co. which is based in Madison, Wisconsin, uses 100% American wool, and is dyed by some down-easters in Maine. I sat on my hands a bit, lurking at the site as she populated colorways and yarn weights. Finally, I plunged headfirst in, ready to add some to my cart... aaaaannnndddd GONE! She had sold out of nearly everything. More was on the way, but I had to order a bit to see and feel it... I mean, this IS Dairyland Knits and Susan B. Anderson IS a Dairyland resident. I picked out Snowy Pine, Wood Violet, and Grassland.

Wood Violet

They are exactly as I read about them: squishy, soft, and excellently dyed. I put them on my crafty table so I could think about what to knit with them and went about working on (what's become) a huge lace-y endeavor of the "Leaves of Grass" pattern by the adorably hip Jared Flood. A few days later, the Barrett Wool Co. newsletter notified me that they were stocking a new yarn different from the worsted and fingering "Home": Wisconsin Woolen Spun.

Shut. The. Front. Door.

The skein band comes plainly as brown packaging paper with the outline of Wisconsin and it's done up in small batches. I had to order some. I picked up Penny, Monarch, Bay Leaf, and Rain Shower. When it arrived, I couldn't just put it on the crafty table and think about what to knit. I had to knit it. Now.

Bay Leaf, Monarch, Penny, and Rain Shower

Knitting up the Wisconsin Woolen Spun was a dream. It's so much like handspun... squishy, yet toothier, but not rough, full-bodied, and unassuming. The kind of Wisconsin yarn that orders a brandy old-fashioned. Sour. With an orange slice.

It's probably the fastest I've moved from skein arrival to finished object, too. The yarn arrived on Thursday. I started and finished the hat on Friday, started and finished the cowl on Saturday, and photographed both on Sunday. I decided on Jared Flood's (of course) "Seasons Hat" but with only one repeat of the colorwork motif and Isabell Kraemer's "Copenhagen Calling" cowl which I cut in half since I was working with weightier yarn. The results, in my opinion, are amazing due to 90% yarn and 10% my ability to loop the yarn over the needle. Okay, maybe 95% - 5%.

Susan (and her son/business partner) are stocking more and added some sport weight woolen spun... but I wouldn't wait around, small batches mean fewer chances to snag some. Consider yourselves officially enabled.

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  1. it would have been criminal to let that beautiful wool go to any-one else!! lol x so glad you had fun with it x